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What you say


Hear from our clients about their experiences of our programs and why t hey come to our classes and private sessions.

Exercising at Home


I love so much about your classes, the length, the pace, the range/variety, your deeply caring and nurturing instructions catering for all participants at their own level, your energy, your integrity, and, your gorgeous accent!


I have found this program very  supportive, and Stephen has been most responsive to all of my questions. Since stopping doing aerobics some years ago, I have tried gym memberships, online classes and exercise physiologists, but have had the constant thoughts coming in of 'this takes too long, this is too hard, I have more important things to do, I don't enjoy doing this - it's a chore, the fear of this flaring up my tendency towards inflammation and subsequent pain'. Stephen has helped me to break through this to a place where I really enjoy the classes, and am able to focus more on what I am experiencing in my body, and the changes that have occurred.  


While I have always done aerobic activities such as walking, swimming or cycling, the weight bearing and balance exercises are already bearing fruit in the strength in my body. It feels wonderful to have regained some of my lost strength and flexibility, and so quickly as well, and I am reminded of this daily as I walk up the flights of steps to my office. Fitness has always been a priority for me, and now that I have moved past those negative thoughts, I can fully embrace the programs Stephen offers. I have been able to do the program three times per week and look forward to each time, and what my body will show me that day.

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