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Strength & Balance Home Workout

In light of the need to self isolate we have put together two short 20 minute workout for Older adults that can be done at home.  One is a Stretch & Mobilising session, the other is Strength & Balance program.  For those who would like to do more there are over 15 subscription videos fro Strength & Balance, click the link below to find out more.   


Please consult a Doctor if you have any health concerns prior to commencing any exercise.  We hope you find this supportive, please let us know how you get on. 

20 minute home workouts

Stretch & Mobilise

Strength & Balance


How we age is dependant on how we live, and exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy, well and functioning in a way that allows us to enjoy life as we grow older.  Check out the first in a series of video below for some simple exercises to improve and maintain your strength, balance and flexibility.


You can download our Active Ageing Poster or watch some of our videos available to help support long term free movement. 

Please consult your GP before undertaking any exercise program,  The exercise in the video is gentle but still take care to always take it at your own pace.

What is our belief about growing older? Do we follow what we have seen others do or are we open to the possibilities that the lifestyle choices we make are the single biggest influencers of the health we feel. 


At SoulFit we are passionate about supporting older adults to enjoy strong, able bodies as we age. This is an area we have done a lot of work in and we love to support people in later life to maintain and regain functional strength to allow you to enjoy everyday living

Improving Balance

All of us here at SoulFit are big believers in improving balance. Maintaining good balance as get older is a great way to reduce your risk of injury and accidents and keep you feeling confident. 

We have created a handy downloadable poster. Print it off and keep it on your fridge, to practice the easy moves whenever you have a spare moment.

Exercise and gentle movement is one of the best ways to stay physically well as you get older. So grab your handy poster and join us! 

Falls Prevention.png




As well as our subsidised community classes, SoulFit also have a number of videos that are specific for active ageing clients. We also run a not for profit organisation called Staying Able. More on that coming soon. Take a look at some of our videos, but remember always consult a medical professional before engaging in activity.

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