When we think of the word exercise sometimes it has a negative association.  But what about movement, it is very natural for us to move our bodies. 


There is much to rediscover about how joyful it is to move our bodies, and when we do this simply we can learn how much fun it is to be active and make this our lifestyle choice. 


This can be as simple as taking the stairs and paying attention to how we place our feet, sitting upright in our chairs or the quality we are moving around the kitchen as we make our dinner.  Small steps make a big difference, the question we can ask our self is, how are you going to move today?


When we think of movement as fun and joyful, it becomes much easier to consider exercise, as it needn’t be hard, definitely not at all painful, but instead extremely nourishing for our bodies to do.


A cardio workout for all levels of fitness

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Stephen Gammack, our trainer, will guide you through 6 x 45 min classes. Enjoy feeling the body respond to the moves, feel the warmth in the muscles, and exercise without strain. 

Work out, breath deep, stay connected, enjoy.