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Bodycare and Fitness programs


  • Webinars

  • In person training


What our clients said...

“Simple and effective delivery. Super engaging and easy to put into practice at home and in the workplace”

Example 6 week program - we tailor to your needs

Session 1 - Fit for work, Fit for Life

Session 2 - Self care and Exercise

Session 3 - Fitness for Vitality & Productivity

Session 4 - Body movement, flow and dynamic stretching

Session 5 - Posture and Core Strength for Mental Health

Session 6 - Body Image and Body Awareness (Mens Health, Womens Health)


Our Bodycare and Fitness programs are an essential tool to offer your workplace practical and sometimes life changing support to adopt healthier lifestyles.  A healthy and well staff is also a more productive staff so the investment will always return itself many times over.


We can deliver the bodycare and fitness programs as in person or remote learning, also available to be recorded for your staff who can’t attend live or wish to repeat viewing of the content.

“Awesome program! Great info and coaching in learning how to be more aware of your body and forming healthy habits. Wish I’d had more of this early on, I’ve had a bunch of injuries that could have been avoided.  I think it’s really important new workers form healthy habits both at work and in their own time. Good habits boost productivity more often than not so it’s a worthy investment. Thanks again 🤙🏽”


Get in touch for a full breakdown of what we can offer. or to discuss your needs.

0422 538409


To find out about corporate / workplace exercise options get in touch via our contact page

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