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1. Strength for Life S1 Shoulder, Triceps and Back 30mins

1. Strength for Life S1 Shoulder, Triceps and Back 30mins

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2. Strength for Life S2 Legs 23mins

2. Strength for Life S2 Legs 23mins

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3. Strength for Life S3 Chest & Biceps 26mins

3. Strength for Life S3 Chest & Biceps 26mins

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Fit in 15 & Strength for Life

Exercise Videos for Everyone

Are you looking for a simple to follow online exercise video series, but still want to be shown new moves with professional guidance?

Fit in 15 is 15 videos, 15 mins each, for 15 days consecutively.  Now with 2 of our Fit in 15 programs, the first program is a slightly easier level, while the new program gives you a bit more intensity to develop strength and overall fitness.

Strength for Life is our ten part exercise program, incorporating some longer classes than the Fit in 15 program, 18-45mins, and working through the whole body.

Subscribe to our channel for just AUD$25 per month and follow the videos as many times as you wish, ongoing. Had enough? Just unsubscribe at any time. 

According to the US Department of Health and Human services only one in three adults gets enough exercise.


So why don’t we enjoy regular exercise?


It might be that you:

  • Always intend to, but often end up running out of time

  • Don’t like to wake up stiff and sore the next morning

  • Working in a physical job surely means you don’t need to do exercise?

  • Having  old injuries flair up

  • Wanting to lose / gain weight, but nothing seems to change

  • Life gets in the way


Often when we resolve to do an exercise program we are motivating ourselves from sense of desperation – we are not happy with the way things are and we want change. 


Because of this negativity we get drawn to punishing regimes that promise to redefine both our body and our mental state.  Yet punishing exercise is problematic at best and debilitating at worst.


As we start a fresh year, are you going to commit yourself to more punishing, painful exercise?  Are you ready to be yelled at to ‘do another rep’, to ‘feel the burn’ and ‘push through the pain’? 


Or are you ready to try an easy exercise program you might actually enjoy?


People are waking up to the fact that the bootcamp-way is not OK. 


At SoulFit we go by the motto…. 


…..No pain, no gain, no WAY!!


  • It’s time to re-examine your approach to exercise, redefine the meaning of working out.  What if easy exercise was the pathway to greater health, fitness and wellness?

  • Simple, easy to follow workouts can actually give you 100%  satisfaction

  • You don’t need to trigger adrenaline to make exercise enjoyable

  • You can learn foundational moves that build strength, stamina and flexibility

  • Easy exercise can lead to sense of improved self-value and heightened sensory awareness


The Fit in 15 workout series is an easy exercise video program for people at any level of fitness.  15 minutes for 15 days.  Stephen our instructor has used his 15 years of health and fitness experience to craft the program so that it looks and feels simple, but actually works all the key muscle groups, cardio, stretch and strengthens.


The program offers:


  • Easy to follow moves

  • Manageable chunks of time

  • Pain free exercise

  • A rounded approach to fitness

  • The ability to adapt to your own fitness level

  • The chance to create consistency and regularity

  • A feeling of being in control and able to manage your fitness goals

  • A sense of fulfilment and self-ease

Make easy exercise your choice this year, and it might be the choice that changes your whole perspective, not just on exercise, but on how you feel about you, your body and your life!

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