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We offer a range of therapies to rejuvenate your body and enhance your wellbeing.  Have a read below of the different treatments offered and take a step towards greater health and wellness by giving your body the best gift possible.


Treating from Waverton in North Sydney, get in touch to book a session:   0422 538409



Is a deeply restorative and connecting hands on healing technique which assists you in dealing with any and all manner or illness or ailment, stress or tension in the body. 


The practice allows your body to release blockages of energy in the body and the effects can often be very profound and long term in nature.  All Esoteric Healing practitioners are accredited by the Esoteric Practitioners Association  (EPA).



Therapeutic massage is done with a light touch that creates deep and profound relaxation for soft tissue, helping ease stiffness or pain. 

Applying less pressure allows the body to release from the pain or discomfort.  Perfect if you are suffering from stress or anxiety or just want to release tension or address pain and discomfort that you are feeling in your body.

Stephen trained in remedial, sports and Swedish massage as part of his studies in Sports Therapy.




This is an exquisite and rejuvenating facial treatment.  Gentle yet very powerful the Energetic Facial Release uses a series of light yet powerful techniques to remove emotional tension and blocked energy from your face, which is often felt as deeply relaxing and restorative for your whole body.  By gently drawing stuck energy from the face we are often able to feel how we have been holding tension through our whole body.  The treatment is a must for everyone to experience to feel the transformative, relaxing and healing effects of what is a beautiful treatment to receive.  



The body is made up of a river of connective tissue (also known as fascia) that makes up the human body, surrounding all the muscles, tendons, ligaments and creating a deeper ease in your movements.  Even bone is said to be pliable.  This technique is a gentle yet deeply profound healing modality that supports you to lengthen and release areas of tension in the body and connect more deeply to your true posture.  The technique is done fully clothed, with the principles of the therapy as with all the esoteric treatments, that your body is able to heal itself with the support of a non imposing practitioner.

The  Sacred Esoteric Healing & Energetic Facial Release techniques are taught by Universal Medicine. Universal Medicine is a complementary health and healing provider founded by Serge Benhayon. 


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