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Everything we eat has an effect on how we feel, and there is no end to the advice out there as to what is the right food for us. Whether it’s the healthy plate guidelines (the old food pyramid) or the latest fashionable diet, we can get confused about what is good for us to eat. 


But how often do we actually listen to the inner expert, the bodily response we have to what we eat.  Our philosophy is that you are your own expert and that by stopping and listening to your body after you eat something, you can gain an in-depth understanding of what food is good for our body. Not based on what we are told by others, but what we feel ourselves.


Practice the simple exercise of stopping after you have eaten a meal or snack, and consider honestly how your feel.  Are you sleepy, racy, energised, still hungry.  What has the food done for you.  You might be surprised about how strong the signals are when are willing to listen to how our body feels!

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