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It is great to have personal support for exercise to ensure we are looking after our body and feeling ready for life.   Many of our clients choose a combination of one-on-one personal training and taking our regular classes, to maintain good habits. 


When you book in for an online personal training session we develop an exercise program that fits your unique needs. Sometimes clients have a particular area of the body that is asking for attention, sometimes their fitness needs or health requirements have changed and thus the exercise routine also needs updating. Some clients just like to keep things fresh by being inspired. 

These sessions help you come to a deeper understanding of what you unique body needs, and uncovers any movement patterns that might be holding back fluidity.

The output of each session is a customised workout routine especially for what your body needs right now. We also offer personalised video exercise programs, where we run a class just for you, to help make your morning exercise routine 100% customised to your bodies needs.

Personalised support helps overcome the energetic / mental barriers we have to regular exercise.


This helps you feel naturally impulsed to exercise, and enjoy the benefits that connected movement brings.  

To book a private session simply choose from one of the options below and we will reach out to schedule a time.  Got questions? Get in touch to ask about your private online exercise session.

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