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When we sit for long periods of time we can experience areas of our body that get tight, stiff and painful, and we can also experience weakness.  Often as one areas gets weak another gets tight as it overcompensates. It is important to address these issues before they become long term problems.


The Dynamic Stretch program has been designed to support everyone who experiences any tightness or discomfort in thier posture from sitting and screen time to move their body in some very simple ways to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  It is ideal as a home and office workout and addresses the whole body across the 8 sessions and provides you with the tools to understand your body better and apply movements to enhance your wellness.


Each session has a theme and while this doesn't mean each session wont cover other areas it brings a focus to these parts of the body in that routine.


Starts 27th September, sessions released every 3rd day.


Session 1 - Shoulders & Back.         

Session 2 - Hamstrings and groin.       

Session 3 - Hips & Quads.                   

Session 4 - Glutes                                   

Session 5 - Neck & Upper Body        

Session 6 - Whole body                                       

Session 7 - Core                                       

Session 8 - Chest & Back                       



Each session is pre-recorded and available for the whole program which will be available until the 15th November to view and repeat as many times as you wish.   Sessions are between 15-35minutes in length and can be shortened or lengthened by more or less repeats.  The program will cover a range of over 100 stretching movements.

Dynamic Stretch Program

$115.00 Regular Price
$92.00Sale Price
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