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Join us this October for our latest Fit in 15 workout program. The concept is simple - 15 minute exercise sessions for 15 days in a row. Being fit has never been this simple. Brand new exercises and some old ones with a fresh take. These are recorded sessions that will cover cardio, strength, balance, flexibility and is available from the start date of the 15th October until the 15th November.


Please note this is not a live class but will be sent to you as a recording where each day you receive a new exercise session to follow. Build and repeat as many times as you wish.


We vary the intensity and challenge throughout this Fit in 15 though as always you set the tempo.


As a bonus, when you sign up we will send you the previous two Fit in 15 programs to do in the lead up to the 15th October, so the earlier you sign up the more time you will have to access 30 workout sessions.


  • Starts 15th October 2020

  • 15minute exercise sessions

  • 15 days in a row 

  • Unlimited video views

  • Easy to follow routines

  • Available until the 15th November


What you need

  • A clear workout space
  • An exercise mat
  • An exercise theraband
  • Some dumbbells
  • A towel
  • A chair (dining or similar)


Email us with any questions -


Fit in 15 2020

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