A 10 ten-part strength building program to help you get your body fit for daily life, leaving you feeling robust and healthy. These ten sessions will provide everything you need to build a strong and balanced body. Incorporating moves in standing and on the mat, with dumbbells and exercise bands as well as no equipment workouts for those times when you don’t have anything to hand.


Workouts vary in length from 20-45mins so you can choose longer or shorter options based on the time you have each day.


Sessions are released every third day from the 11th July giving you a month-long program to undertake. The whole series will be available for two months to repeat each workout as many times as you wish from when it is released on 11th July until the 5th September.


The workouts are designed to focus on different parts of the body and vary in length, giving you the option as you progress through the weeks to pick different sessions based on what you feel you need and the time that you have in your busy schedules.


Starts from the 11th July

Workouts released from that date every three days via email link

Ten sessions to follow along with

Whole body program


Get in touch if you wish to discuss if this program is for you by emailing admin@soulf.it

Strength for Life