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We are born with beautiful stretchy bodies and we enjoy this flexibility and freedom through our early years, but along the way our bodies can tighten up, braced to deal with life events.  Anytime we feel stressed or tense there is the possibility if we are not paying attention to our body that it will be tightening up. 


Maintaining an open posture with flexible muscles has a big impact on the health we enjoy and the perspective we take on life.  Stretching is one perfect way to develop greater awareness of how our bodies have set, freeing up tight areas and lengthening our musculature. 


Our approach is to put an emphasis on reinvigorating tired bodies with light stretching and strengthening moves, being kind to our bodies as we reconnect with the ease we moved in as a child.    


As you sit reading this is there any contraction (shortening) in the way you are sitting or are you allowing your body to be open and relaxed elongated and beautifully settled.

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