Originally from Scotland and now living in Australia, Stephen brings a decade of experience to an entirely new form of exercise 


Fitness Trainer, Founder

​My experience stems from my 15 year career in the health and exercise sector as well as my own training as a triathlete and sports person. 

My philosophy is one that prioritises gentleness for the body – so that flexibility, fitness and intensity all build to a more connected, open feeling.

I support people to rediscover how simple and amazing it is to feel our bodies in everyday life, for them to inherently know the simple truth: that feeling energised and vital is our natural way.

BSc Hon Exercise Science
Dip Sports Therapy
Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor


Gentle moves to keep you feeling great 

The human body, movement, exercise and an evolving meaning of the words ‘fit’ and ‘well’ is what inspires us daily to deliver fitness and wellness to people around the world.

Make your fitness about wellness

SoulFit was born out of mutual love of fitness and movement by  Stephen Gammack and Kate Gamble.


Additional services and support available

A trained Sports Therapist, using the skills to apply this to exercise therapy.  I believe that movement is the best form of therapy for the body and it is a case of applying the right exercises to each individual.

Qualified as a Level IV Postural Stability Instructor to improve peoples strength and balance and reduce the likelihood of falls and improve wellbeing as you get older.

A qualified Massage Therapist, Stephen offers treatments from his North Sydney base. 

Presenting a unique form of swimming that prioritises the body and finding gentle, soothing strokes through the body. Stephen has been teaching adults and children to swim since 2012.