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Our philosophy around exercise is one that makes it just a single aspect of self care. True self care incorporates a number of different aspects, including food, sleep, relationships and even your day to day movements. 

We have all heard the words self-care, it’s a big buzzword these days, but what does it really mean and how do we take it beyond just words into our actions. 


At SoulFit we believe it is about all the little details of how you live contributing to strong feelings of wellness, energy and vitality. 


Every action we take has an effect on how we feel and on how much we then have to offer others.  Consider the thoughts you have about yourself, are they the thoughts of someone who is living with deep care for oneself? 


Exercise is of course one crucial part of this, a part of the whole way we live, every step towards being more self-caring makes it easier to make the next step, and the next one…

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