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Twenty's Plenty

Easy Exercise Videos for Everyone

Simple twenty minute workout videos - guiding you gently through some easy fitness workouts.

Twenty's Plenty are 8 exercise videos, 20 mins long, working out the whole body through strength, balance and cardio moves. 

Put your body first when you exercise with this gentle, short, energising program that leaves you refreshed and ready for whatever is next.


A cardio workout for all levels of fitness

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Stephen Gammack, our trainer, will guide you through 6 - 45 min classes. Enjoy feeling the body respond to the moves, feel the warmth in the muscles, and exercise without strain. 

Work out, breath gently, stay connected, enjoy.

Fit in 15

Easy Exercise Videos for Everyone

Are you looking for an easy online exercise video series, but still want to be shown new moves with professional guidance?

Fit in 15 is 15 videos, 15 mins each, for 15 days consecutively. 

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