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There is nothing quite like swimming, nothing that compares to the feeling of gliding through the water, moving effortlessly as the water gently ripples around you, nowhere else can you be so aware of your body moving as one with minimal pressure on the joints and such easy fluid movements of your muscles.


When you swim in a relaxed state your awareness of each muscle and joint reflects how connected your whole body is.  It can take you by surprise how easy it is to move through the water and receive a healthy dose of exercise, toning and strengthening your body in the process.

Swimming with this whole body connection can be achieved when we take the time to feel the gentle in and out of our breath, and bring awareness to how our muscles are moving. Stephen's swimming lessons are very respectful of the body’s limitations. 


Sessions also help you clock how you feel in your body; do you feel at all tense or anxious and if so, is it possible to make a conscious choice to acknowledge those feelings and let them go.

Here are 5 simple swimming tips to help you enjoy being in the water.


  • Get yourself a good pair of goggles and swimwear that fits well and feels comfortable.

  • Wear a swim cap and ear plugs if you find the water hurts your ears.

  • Use floating aids such as kicking boards and noodles for support in the water.

  • Pick a warm pool to practice in, being in warm water allows our bodies to relax more and let go of tension and anxiety.

  • Start in shallow water, get used to the feeling of the water on your body, practice submerging and blowing bubbles.


The more we develop a positive relationship with being in the water the more fun we can have.  Feeling comfortable and relaxed is one of the keys to swimming well. This is where the support of a good swimming teacher can assist you to learn the basics and put you at ease.


Once we feel safe and confident in the water then we can really begin to enjoy swimming.  It may take a bit of persistence to learn but once you have mastered the basics then the next steps are to just keep developing your swimming strokes and particularly your swimming technique.



Getting baby into the water for the first time can be a lot of fun. 


Teaching kids stroke basics while having a great time


For experienced or new swimmers, learn a gentle way to swim


If you have a pool & some friends we bring the lessons to you


As we get better at swimming the fun really takes hold and the best part is that we can always improve our swimming technique, but without the need to reach perfection. When we swim with a freedom in our movement, a connection to our breathing and a focus on a relaxed rhythm then it can become really magical to be in the water. 


Easy to say, harder to do, but relaxing in the water is key to swimming well. Start by practising floating face down, gently press on your chest and see if you can draw your hips and feet up towards the surface of the water.  The more relaxed we are the easier it all gets.

In these times of increased health problems, and the rise in obesity and other lifestyle related diseases, swimming is an activity that has the ability to transform your health, and like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget.  Swimming is a life skill that should be available to everyone to learn, could your passion for swimming inspire others to love it too?

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