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FIT IN 15 

Your simple 15 minute workout program is back!  Starts 15th October 2020 



Fit in 15 - fitness for life 
Starts 15th October
Fit in 15 is a program for people who want a consistent approach to staying fit and strong, with plenty of variety to keep things interesting and fresh.  Regular, exercise that doesn't over do it or make you sore, but still manages to work all your muscles and leave you feeling balanced, refreshed and ready for the challenges of daily life.
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Join us for this years brand new Fit in 15 workout.   Being fit has never been this simple.  Brand new exercises and some old ones with a fresh take.  These are recorded sessions that will cover cardio, strength, balance & flexibility.


We've increased the intensity a little from the original Fit in 15 but with plenty of adaptations to suit all levels of fitness.


 Please note this is not a live class but will be sent to you as a recording where each day you receive a new exercise program to follow.  Build and repeat as many times as you wish. 


  • 15minute exercise sessions

  • New class released each day

  • 15 days in a row 

  • Unlimited video views

  • Easy to follow routines 

  • Starts 15th October 2020

  • Available until the 15th November

  • AUD$90  


Fitness Trainer, Founder

Originally from Scotland and now living in Australia, Stephen brings a decade of experience to an entirely new form of exercise 

Exercise should be fun not hard or painful. Our bodies are made to move quite naturally with great ease and enjoyment. Stephen's focus is gentleness - with classes to match all levels of fitness.


BSc Hon Exercise Science
Dip Sports Therapy
Level 4 Specialist Exercise Instructor


When you sign up for a class you receive our downloadable Quick Start Guide with a few simple instructions to help you set up.

Most online programs run on Zoom.  To download Zoom visit the zoom website by  clicking here

Once you are ready don't forget to follow us 


I love Stephen's classes, they are just the right mix of active and still. 

You don't even feel like you are doing exercise! Such a few small moves and I can already see the difference in my body. 

Jean - Sydney

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